“…with the extraordinary research skills, strategies and tenacity of Compton guiding us, the endowment campaign secured over fifty pledges totaling close to $6.5M… Working with the Compton team is an intense experience. It will change you for the better, not only during the campaign, but forever, the way in which you solicit gifts for your organization. I highly recommend it.”

Jeff Alexander, (Former) President & General Manager
Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Vancouver, BC

The Compton Way

Furthering Your Noble Aspirations.  This is why we exist, and why we do what we do.  These are the values you’ll see reflected in our approach:

Let’s be clear

We promise to give you a straightforward, jargon-free assessment of where you’re at, and to lay a clear path. And we’ll be clear on our role in the process.

A partnership gets the job done

A team effort beats a solo effort any day.  Partnership means authentic dialogue, trust and being responsible for creating the best outcome.

Energy inspires

A fundraising strategy goes nowhere without enthusiasm. Our sage advice, experience and creative approach inspires people to achieve more and make that stretch toward their philanthropic goals.

Philanthropy is community

We can say we’re experts at helping our clients because we’re committed to giving back in our communities. Philanthropy runs deep with our team and adds a layer of authenticity to what we do.