“Working with everyone at Compton was a tremendous experience.  I found Compton to be very professional, diligent, experienced and most importantly, brutally honest. Compton has left the Arts Club with a legacy of confidence to continue with our donor development campaigns and overall long-term fund development strategies for success.”

Mr. Howard Jang, (Former) Executive Director
Arts Club Theatre Company


With a successful track record dating back to 1962, Compton has learned about working with not-for-profit organizations: The principles of fundraising are constant – but every organization is unique. Compton approaches all projects with curiosity and creativity, crafting a tailored strategy that will get you where you want to go.

Resources (Feasibility) Studies

You have an opportunity to climb a big mountain – but before you get started, you need to know if you have what it takes to get to the top, what equipment you will need, which is the best route to take, and what might trip you up along the way.

In essence, this is what a Resources (Feasibility) Study is all about.  A Study will tell you if the goal you have in mind is feasible, and if so, what resources you will need to get the job done. A typical Study process may involve face-to-face interviews (e.g., current donors and volunteers, Board members, staff, potential donors, business leaders, and key stakeholders), a Board E-Survey, and development of a Scale of Giving and Case Statement in order to determine a sound strategy. If your goal is beyond your reach at this time – we’ll let you know, help you re-group and set a different course to achieve your objectives.

Either way, you will have a wealth of information to guide your decision-making, minimize risk, and solidify the way forward.

Philanthropic Strategies and Counsel: Capital, Endowment and Comprehensive Campaigns

Campaigns are transformative experiences in the life of any organization.  There are few other initiatives that can break the boundaries of what once did not seem possible and turn your vision into reality.  We love campaigns.  The energy, the excitement and the opportunity motivates us. But campaigns don’t come without risk, and in a highly competitive marketplace, it’s essential to be prepared and have a plan. We work with organizations to position them for success, whether it be providing counsel to your leadership team or placing an experienced Campaign Manager or Director to help execute your campaign strategy.  In each of these models, our approach is to coach, train and mentor your team to achieve your goal, so that your organization will benefit from new skill sets for years to come. We act as the ‘insistent voice’, bringing discipline and accountability to your fundraising, and we are your cheerleaders every step of the way.

Fundraising Audits/Assessments & Plans

Stop, look and listen.  These are the basic steps to a Fundraising Audit/Assessment.

First we take a snapshot in time of your fundraising success.  We analyze your history and review your approach based on industry standard metrics.  Next, we ask questions, especially the tough ones, and listen with the objective of truly hearing what is being said – and what isn’t.  Finally, we plot a course to take you onward and upward.  We show you how to capitalize on your strengths and opportunities, and provide an action plan to address your challenges.

We help you set ambitious, yet achievable goals, and give you the tools and the confidence to attain them.


We are inspired by people who want to learn.  After all, we learn every day in the work that we do with not-for-profits, not to mention our own community service and professional development.

We love to share our experience to help you achieve your objectives.  Whether it be ‘ask’ training or ‘fundraising 101’ for your Board, or ‘overcoming objections’ or ‘storytelling’ for your staff, we are passionate about creating an environment where learning is engaging and fun, and we use real-world stories and role play exercises to ground the theory and truly illustrate the principles of fundraising in action.

Let us know what it is that you are looking for – and we’ll customize a workshop for you.


Sometimes you just need someone to talk to.  Not just anyone, though – someone that brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you tackle the most challenging scenarios facing your organization.

One-to-one coaching is available for not-for-profit leaders who are keen to build on their skill sets, explore their leadership style, find new opportunities to grow, and add to their ‘bag of tricks’.